Pianos sales in Brighton

We’re a family-run business specialising in piano sales in Brighton and Hove, and throughout Sussex.

Founded in 1970, it’s fair to say that at Brighton Piano Warehouse, pianos are our all, and our everything. Here, you’ll find nothing but pianos – all types and sizes, and at all prices, as well as the accessories to go with them. Plus, all those essential services that surround them, too: removals, storage, piano tuning (with your purchase), repairs, and even recycling.

We also offer pianos for short-term hire all every occasion.

Modesty aside, we think Brighton Piano Warehouse is a part of our city’s rich tapestry and its quirky culture; an original business dedicated to just one excellent type of thing, with in-depth expertise to match.

Here’s why we think you may want to come and see us.

Our Expertise

With so many years’ experience, what we don’t know about pianos is probably not worth learning.

The people you will meet here not only know how different pianos sound and how they “play”, they also appreciate their distinctive tones: bright or more subtle and soft. We’ll be able to match an instrument entirely to your needs. The right one? Well, it’s very much your personal choice, and we can help you make an informed decision.

Talk to us about why you’re looking for a piano, where you plan to keep it, and how easy it will be to reach its location, as delivery will be important. Plus, your budget. And, who will be playing it? (By the way, try to avoid internet research; it could confuse you!)

Or, if you need to hire a piano, we’re keen to know all about access arrangements and the nature of your event or occasion.

Our Showroom on Bonchurch Road

Come on in.

Everywhere, all at once, are pianos:

Affordable, second-hand instruments, uprights – both new and pre-loved, ornate, traditional, luxurious, finest Grand pianos, and Baby Grands. We also sell digital and silent pianos. In addition, our warehouse is so spacious that it’s home to the pianos we’re looking after in storage for our customers.

Walk into our showroom to an outstanding collection of instruments in atmospheric surroundings; not just a few, but upwards of 50 or so, over two floors in various rooms.

And all of them, just waiting for someone to play them.

An Extensive Range

We sell a wide range of pianos from manufacturers around the world, and with years of acquired knowledge, can tell you all about them to help you make the best choice.

If your heart’s desired piano isn’t in stock, we may well be able to order it for you. Pianos have their own characters and personalities, so it’s almost certain that we have one that will suit you perfectly.

Piano sales in Brighton just got mind-blowing. In a good way. Seeing is believing, so do get in touch to make an appointment to come to our showroom.

Piano Sales in Brighton and Hove, and throughout Sussex

Discover the joy of music. Discover the joy of the piano. Courtesy of Brighton Piano Warehouse.