Piano Repairs and Reconditioning in Sussex

We’re a local, family-run business with extensive technical know-how in piano repairs and reconditioning in Sussex and the South East, including Brighton and Hove. In short, we love pianos. So, it will be our privilege to repair or recondition your instrument to its glorious best.

If your piano has seen better days and needs some specialist TLC, Brighton Piano Warehouse has all the expertise you need.

What We Do: A Quick Summary


Pianos are a bit like people: they can go wrong. Something may have broken, internally or externally or been damaged somehow. We can repair it so that it works perfectly once again.

– OR –


You may wish to bring your much-loved instrument back to life after a period of neglect. There are no guarantees, but if we can recondition it through an overhaul, we will.

Piano Repairs: What’s Happened?

Over time, pianos in regular use experience wear and tear. Accidents can and do happen, as well as changes in temperature and humidity. The keyboard needs adjusting, or perhaps it has developed mechanical problems.

The following problems may also arise:

  • Sticky notes. A common problem in the UK, as our weather veers from hot to cold. Also, central heating plays its part.
  • Problems with the pedals. Perhaps the soft or the sustain pedal is faulty.
  • Broken strings or hammers.

All of the above and more are mostly fixable – but we need to manage your expectations here: if the damage is excessive and likely too expensive to put right, we’ll tell you. Perhaps you’d like to visit our warehouse to try out a replacement and find your new soon-to-be-favourite piano.

Our highly trained piano technicians can assess what’s happened and then suggest the best solution for you to make an informed decision.

Piano Reconditioning: A Harmonious Revamp

A piano has many complex internal parts, and over the years, it can degrade. Brighton Piano Warehouse’s piano reconditioning services offer a complete or partial overhaul to help it become the much-loved member of the family it once was.

What’s involved? It may require several interventions or just a few. For your peace of mind, as a reliable, authentic business, we’ll only advise exactly your piano needs. Work may include, but of course isn’t limited to:

  • Replacement of all the strings and tuning pins, action and damper system, hammers and shanks
  • Repairs of the case work
  • Voicing and tuning
  • In-depth cleaning
  • Finish touch-up or polishing

Our Past, Present and Future

Essentially, we know this much is true: bringing your instrument back to life could bring great joy to your family now and to the generations coming up after us.

Not all businesses that offer piano repairs and reconditioning in Brighton and Sussex are the same. Trust the experts and rediscover your musical talents once again.

Contact Brighton Piano Warehouse for more information.