FAQs about pianos

Frequently asked questions

At Brighton Piano Warehouse, our customers often ask the same types of questions when they’re thinking about buying a piano. In our opinion, they’re all perfectly reasonable, practical and sensible. So, to make your life easier, we’ve compiled this list of FAQs about pianos. On the one hand, you may be a piano expert. On the other, perhaps you’re a novice.

In any case, don’t sit and wonder. You may have specific queries that a telephone call or email could solve in a jiffy, so do get in touch.

Yes, definitely. This way, we can prepare for your visit, and give you the time and undivided attention you deserve to help you choose THE perfect piano. Give us a call on 01273 601 989. Or, email us through this website.

Our warehouse is at:

43-45 Bonchurch Road

To be fair, the choice is yours. And, you never know – you may purchase something you were not expecting to find. We have an extensive range of brand-new and second-hand pianos, and you can try them out when you come to our showroom.

Ultimately, your decision will reflect your needs and budget. Often, used pianos are more affordable than new instruments, so investing in a pre-loved piano is an ideal entry-level way to get started in the world of music.

Equally, they’re a greener choice. Plus, a used piano may have an interesting story or two to tell…

Likewise, be aware that we also sell reconditioned pianos, and that should they be from a high-end manufacturer, they could be more expensive than a new one.

Yes, you can.

If you’re a professional musician in need of a concert piano or organising a musical event or an arts festival, we offer high-standard pianos, including Grands for short-term hire. Also, for weddings, parties, theatre and opera productions, holiday companies, and corporate events – the list is extensive. As you know, there are so many occasions when only the gorgeous sound of the piano will do.

Did You Know?

Brighton Piano Warehouse has an excellent reputation for piano hire, evidenced by some of our high-profile clients. Have a look at our piano hire pages here.

If it’s about pianos, it’s got our name on it. Also, we offer:

  • Piano tuning (for your first purchase)
  • Piano removals
  • Piano storage
  • Piano recycling
  • Piano rental
  • We buy pianos

Details of our additional services can be found on this website. In addition, we sell a lovely range of accessories, including piano stools.

If you live locally in or near Brighton and access is on the ground floor, we can often deliver your piano on the same day you buy it. Great news.

However, if there are steps at your property, we’d prefer to visit to check that the piano you choose will fit perfectly. Why? Because it’s all about a smooth journey from A to B. Likewise, it’s all part of the service.

Don’t be concerned. Obviously, uur delivery team are total experts in what they do. They have to be. Our team has delivered hundreds of different types of pianos. And, sometimes, to astonishingly complicated locations and destinations.

It goes without saying that we will manage your expectations as clearly as possible from start to finish.

Yes, we do.

The Take it Away scheme, sponsored by the Arts Council offers interest-free loans to buy musical instruments, equipment and software. In our view, it’s a wonderful way to support musicians at every level. So, we’re very pleased to be one of the Arts Council’s retail partners.

Read more about this flexible option here.

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Well, in FAQs page about pianos list, this is an important question.

Apologies, though – we can’t answer that question directly or explicitly. From an upright to a Grand or Baby Grand, there’s no standard size of piano. Plus, their dimensions vary enormously. So, do measure your intended space if possible. If necessary, we can visit your property to ensure a perfect fit.

Anything you’re not sure about? Contact us through this website, and we’ll get back to you promptly.