Piano Tuning in Brighton and Sussex

Brighton Piano Warehouse provides piano tuning in Brighton and Sussex and throughout the South East.

We work with highly experienced technicians, all skilled piano tuners. Their skills are outstanding. They also have different backgrounds and approaches. So, we’ll choose the person we think best suits your needs. And, those of your piano. Tuning is such an impressive art. It’s incredible to watch and, of course, to listen to them at work.

For your peace of mind, they are all members of the Piano Tuners Association.

There’s more:

As a new customer of Brighton Piano Warehouse, your first tuning with us is entirely free of charge.

Piano Tuning in Brighton and Sussex

We tune all sizes, makes and types of acoustic and concert pianos.

It’s no exaggeration to say that pianos are somewhat complicated.

They can lose their tuning due to changes in temperature or humidity or when they’re moved. Even if kept in a stable environment, they will benefit from tuning once or twice a year to keep them at their melodic best.

If your piano hasn’t been tuned for some time, its pitch may drop from its original level. In this case, we have the advice and in-depth expertise to return it to its first and best sound.

In our opinion, an in-tune piano with a crisp, clean tone is joyful. We’re sure you agree with us. A beautiful instrument beautifully played; there’s no finer sound.

Why Do You Need to Tune Your Piano?


Pianos are an investment, and an accurately-tuned one will give you so much pleasure. Keeping your instrument in tune means you’ll play it more rather than less.


Pianos aren’t easy to master. Therefore, if you do reach a certain level of skill, you’ll appreciate a high-quality sound; plus, you’ll have your much-loved piano just waiting for you to use straight away.


Regular tuning will identify any minor faults or damage to the piano’s internal parts before they cause further (and more expensive) harm.

Our Piano Tuners

  • Tony Croft – 07950 010053
  • Cadwein Bacon – 07306 617320
  • Mark Beglin – 07941 665928

Your Experts in Pianos

When it comes to piano tuning in Brighton and Sussex, Brighton Piano Warehouse is at your service. Contact us for more information.