Brighton Piano Warehouse

Founded in 1970, Brighton Piano Warehouse is an independent, family-run business.

We’re all about pianos. From sales, short-term hires, valuations, removals and storage, if it involves pianos, most likely it’s got our name on it. We even recycle them.

Brighton Piano Warehouse recognises that you love the sound of the piano. We’d love to celebrate with you the joy that this magnificent instrument brings. With so many pianos in stock, we may well have the perfect one for you. Through more than 50 years’ experience, Brighton Piano Warehouse has the knowledge you need. And, a near-instinctive understanding of how to help you choose the perfect piano for you or your family.

We love what we do. We think it shows.

The exterior of the warehouse

Where Are We?

Modesty aside, we’re a bit of a find.

Find our showroom on Bonchurch Road, in the heart of Brighton. Prepare to enter a world you thought no longer existed: the most incredible collection of new, used and re-conditioned pianos over two large floors. From the ultra-affordable to the superior, elegant one-off, they’re just waiting for you to play them. This is about your personal connection to the piano. So, you’ll notice – and hopefully appreciate – our non-pushy, laid-back approach,

Why not get in touch to make an appointment?

Read more about our fantastic warehouse here.

What We Do


Mainly, we sell pianos, both new and pre-loved from all over the world. In our warehouse you’ll find in stock an enormous number of uprights, Grand and Baby Grands.

Different piano manufacturers’ pianos often offer distinctive tones and sounds. Like people, they have their own personalities. Refer to our Piano Sales page for more information.


Brighton Piano Warehouse also offers pianos on short-term hire to several venues in and around Brighton and Sussex. We’re delighted to have a number of regular high-profile clients, who prefer us for our service and expertise.

If you need a piano for a wedding, a corporate event, a concert, or a school recital – we can help. There are so many uses for our lovely pianos we’d probably run out of room on this page to list them all.

Oh, and that piano at Brighton station? It’s one of ours.

Other Services

Brighton Piano Warehouse is all piano: it runs through us like letters in a stick of Brighton rock:

  • Removals
  • Storage
  • Tuning, when you buy an instrument from us
  • Recycling
  • Piano accessories
  • Valuations
  • We buy pianos

Let’s celebrate the joy of music. Contact us for more information.