Upright Pianos for sale in Sussex

Brighton Piano Warehouse offers an outstanding range of upright pianos for sale in Sussex and throughout the South East.

The cost of your piano will include local ground floor delivery and the first tune.

Upright Yamaha piano
Upright Yamaha piano

Your Piano Awaits

Your son or daughter may have decided to learn to play the piano, but you don’t want to break the bank. Perhaps the piano newcomer is you.

Alternatively, your family’s upright piano has weathered extensive use. It’s been bashed about a bit and deserves to retire. Or, to be recycled (we offer this service). Now could be the perfect time to upgrade your piano or to invest in a different piano. From limited-budget, entry-level affordable to the absolute finest quality and everything in between, Brighton Piano Warehouse has the knowledge and experience to recommend the model that best suits your needs.

New, reconditioned, acoustic or silent, our uprights are available in an elegant variety of woods, colours and cabinet styles.

A number of upright piano brands are at our warehouse, just waiting for you to try them out.

For complete beginners, enthusiastic amateurs, families and experienced professional musicians alike, here you’ll find a piano with your name on it.

Upright Pianos for Sale in Sussex: Classic, Practical, Timeless

Think of a piano.

Do you picture an upright one? Most of us do. And, they’re an exceptionally popular choice for our clients. Upright Pianos can:

  • Save space. Grand pianos and even Baby Grands can take up a lot of room in your home. Uprights come in various sizes and tend to be more compact due to their vertical strings. Position your new piano against a wall and voilà –plenty of leeway to move around.
  • Develop skills. They’re great instruments for beginners, intermediate players and pianos.
  • Offer Value. While upright pianos can be expensive, by and large, they’re more reasonably priced without compromising on a fabulous sound and tone.
  • Be easier to sell. Moved house, or are you planning to upgrade your instrument? Interest in second-hand pianos is strong. Don’t DIY, though. Discuss selling your piano with Brighton Piano Warehouse, as we would love to buy your pre-loved piano from you if we can.

Let’s talk upright pianos for sale in Sussex and the South East. Contact us to make an appointment to visit our showroom in Brighton.

Upright Yamaha piano