Digital Pianos for sale in Sussex

We have an excellent range of Kawai digital pianos for sale in Sussex at our showroom on Bonchurch Road in Brighton. In fact, did you know that we are the only retailer in Brighton currently selling these excellent pianos?

With something to suit everyone, from the musical novice to the experienced professional, digital pianos have “weighted keys”. So, they feel like an acoustic instrument, and they’re a joy to play.

But then it gets even better:

These pianos mix unique technology with craftsmanship of the absolute highest quality. And, they offer many benefits over and above a standard piano. Are your fingers itching to try them out?

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What Is a Digital Piano?

Simply put, a digital piano is a type of electronic keyboard instrument. Powered by electricity, it uses either recorded samples of a standard piano or something called synthesised emulation. When you press a key on a digital instrument, it sends a signal to the internal computer, and a recording of an acoustic piano is played back through the speakers.

A digital piano is not an electronic keyboard – although you will play your music on one. As well as having speakers, courtesy of a simple software interface, digital pianos allow you to record and edit your playing and add additional parts.

They come in different styles, including upright and even Grand pianos.

Digital Pianos from Brighton Piano Warehouse – Features and Benefits

  • No need to worry about how changes in humidity and temperature may affect your instrument. You can even put them near a radiator.
  • The volume is adjustable.
  • With headphones, you can play them silently – perfect if you have upstairs, downstairs or next-door neighbours (which is, to be fair, all of us). Yes, you can play your digital piano while your family are watching TV in the same room.
  • Moving? Or need to move the piano to another room? Acoustic pianos don’t really like being repositioned and will nearly always need a retune. With a digital piano, there’s no need. They will keep their perfect tone. And, there’s a far lower risk of in-transit damage.
  • Are your offspring into making their own “dub” music, or do you have a music GCSE student at home? A digital piano is good fun – plus it’s a great tool for composition.

Digital Pianos for Sale in Sussex

Brighton Piano Warehouse has all the expertise you need to help you choose the perfect instrument for your son or daughter. Or for you. Let’s make some music. Contact us for more information.